Bob Kemp’s Bottom Line


         *GONZAGA 91, UA 74: The UA played at a high level for 30+ minutes before running out of gas, which explains how a 13-point, second-half lead became a 17-point by the final buzzer ... STATISTICALLY SPEAKING - The UA led 45-37 at halftime before being outscored 54-29 in the second half ... THE BOTTOM LINE - The UA's performance for the first 30 minutes was top shelf, a stretch that should result in hope for the rest of the season ... LAS VEGAS SUPER BOOK – Gonzaga 10 UA (155) … PREDICTION – Gonzaga  81, UA 70
         *THE UA HAS SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH DUKE: The Wildcats and Duke are the only two schools from the so-called power college basketball conferences with zero returning starters this season. A big difference is Duke has the top three freshmen in the nation while the UA may not have an NBA draft pick on its entire roster.
         *THE DIAMONDBACKS-PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT RUMORS ARE ESCALATING: Early Tuesday, it was reported the Diamondbacks have had discussions with Goldschmidt's hometown Astros and the Cardinals, two organizations with deep farm systems. Later on Tuesday, the Twins are reportedly interested which makes little sense because it's difficult to imagine he would sign a long-term with a non-contending team without a big payroll ... THE BOTTOM LINE - The Diamondbacks should deal Goldschmidt, who has one year left on his deal, this winter.


         *SIXERS 119. SUNS 114: Deandre Ayton (17 points and nine rebounds) was physically destroyed by Joel Embiid (33 points and 17 rebounds) who did not forget their twitter sparring session last summer seriously … STATISTICALLY SPEAKING - The Suns were outrebounded 53-31 ... THE BOTTOM LINE - The physically overmatched Suns were competitive, leading by 15 during the first half, and not wilting during the second half after the Sixers took the lead ... LAS VEGAS SUPER BOOK – Sixers 11 Suns (219½) … PREDICTION – Sixers 110, Suns 103
         *ASU 72, MISSISSIPPI STATE 67: Kmani Lawrence hit a three-point field goal to break a 65-65 tie as the Sun Devils continued their non-conference dominance the past two seasons with a win over the 15th ranked Bulldogs, coached by former UCLA and NAU mentor Ben Howland ... STATISTICALLY SPEAKING - Lawrence, the Sun Devils best all-around player, finished with 22 points on nine of 14 shooting, including three of five from behind the arc ... THE BOTTOM LINE - ASU will face Utah State on Wednesday night in the championship game of the MGM Resorts Main Event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas ... LAS VEGAS SUPER BOOK – Mississippi State 4½ ASU (149½) … PREDICTION – Mississippi State 75, ASU 70
         *UA 71, IOWA STATE 66: Justin Coleman scored 18 points, including four three-point field goals, to lead the UA from nine points behind during the second half in a first round game at the Maui Invitational ... STATISTICALLY SPEAKING - All five UA starters finished in double figures and scored all but four of the UA's points ... THE BOTTOM LINE - The 4-0 Wildcats, right now, are better than Iowa State, which is picked to finish sixth in the Big 12 and was without five of its top 10 players because of a variety of reasons ... LAS VEGAS SUPER BOOK –UA 1 Iowa State (147½) … PREDICTION – UA 75, Iowa State 70                                                               
         *RAMS 54, CHIEFS 51: In the highest scoring game in Monday Night Football history, the Rams defense intercepted Patrick Mahomes on the Chiefs final two possessions ... STATISTICALLY SPEAKING - The teams combined for 1,001 yards and 56 first downs (42 via the pass) ... THE BOTTOM LINE - It's hard to imagine that the Rams and Chiefs can win a Super Bowl unless their defenses show some improvement ... THE BOTTOM LINE, PART TWO - ESPN should be embarrassed that a game with such high entertainment value was broadcast by the worst announcing trio in the 48-year history of Monday Night Football … LAS VEGAS SUPER BOOK – WSU 10½ UA (61) … PREDICTION – Chiefs 38, Rams 34


        PREGAME: The Cardinals will be without four starters because of injury - Phil Dawson, Chad Williams, Budda Baker and D.J. Humphries. The replacements are Matt McCrane, Christian Kirk, Bene' Benwikere and Corey Cunningham ... The Raiders will be without two starting receivers with Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant inactive.
        FIRST QUARTER: no show city - one of smallest crowds since stadium open with many empty seats upstairs and downstairs ... Rosen picked on second play - Cunningham, starting at left tackle, whipped and Rosen made off balance throw but he should not have thrown it (14:07) > Carr easy pitch and catch to Carr who beat Taylor on double move = OAK 7-0, 12:36 ... Cardinals nice bounce back drive - after Logan 32-yard kickoff return, five first downs, seven runs in nine plays, capped by Rosen 18-yard td pass to Fitz = 7-7, 6:14 ... Cardinals defense three+out with Jones third down that also included pressure from Peters (4:35) ... Cardinals three+out with Kirk down drop - Sherfield getting third receiver snaps ahead of Nelson and Williams out (3:33) ... Cardinals get three+out after Cook drop on third down (1:56) ... Rosen audible into touchdown play - wide receiver screen to slot man Kirk with Johnson, the wide receiver on play, blocking = AZ 14-7, 0:16 
        SECOND QUARTER: Cardinals defense gets  third consecutive three+out keyed by Moore sack - truth be told the Raiders offense seems completely inept (12:49) ... Rosen awful pick - stars down Sherfield, pass easily tipped by DB and picked by safety - Rosen's accuracy remains a surprising issue because accuracy was his strength at UCLA (11:57) ... Raiders 50-yard touchdown drive after Rosen turnover > runs with Martin running over and around the close to awful Bucannon and 3+3 at five is Carr td to LaFell who beat Peterson to corner - Peterson three straight below average games since trade request = 14-14, 8:20 ... Cardinals three+out drive ends with 3rd+30 after false start on Aboushi and hold on Gresham before Rosen sacked when Smith and Aboushi pass-blocking confusion that resulted in those arguing for 5-10 seconds after play ... Cardinals defense gets much needed three+out ... Cardinals offense another feeble three+out possession - first play drop by Seals-Jones and near interception ... Oakland back to back time outs (which is illegal while in possession, all this 17 seconds before 2:00 warning - three+out at 2:11 (what was Gruden doing?) ... Cardinals ball at 20, 2:02 >two first downs before Rosen muffs Cole snap that was a little high, Smith whiffs in pass protection which resulted in rushed incomplete pass before Cardinals false start = 3+20 and screen to Kirk for two yards = punt ... THESE ARE TWO AWFUL TWO TEAMS PLAYING UNWATCHABLE FOOTBALL - THEY SHOULD BE PICKING FIRST AND SECOND IN DRAFT
        THIRD QUARTER: Raiders drive halted by false start and sacks by Bethea on third down before field goal = OAK 17-14, 10:26 ... recently acquired Johnson nickel back in forTaylor who looks like another Keim mistake (acquired him for draft pick last April) ... Cardinals one first down and punt - long pass incomplete to Nelson who doesn't separate any more - Aboushi and Smith no pass pro on right side again (8:01) ... Raiders 7:36 drive for field goal after Cardinals goal line defense (including OL Munyer) stops 3+1 play from one = OAK 20-14, 0:22) ... Cardinals t-shirt gun - fans should throw shirts back - this game is living down to its billing
        FOURTH QUARTER: Cardinals awful three and out - OL play worst all season, which is saying something ... Reddick missed tackle in space - every week ... Golden not close to play before ACL ... Corey Peters might best Cardinal at his position this season - plays hard every snap ... Gruden punts on 4th+1 from 38 after Carr checked out of called play (7;39) ... Cards ball, 7;30, 20 > 80 yard drive with four first downs (had nine for game prior) with three big plays - 31 yard run by Johnson, Rosen to Kirk for 13 on third down to five and Rosen to Fitzgerald td at cone - Rosen two great throws on last two plays - this all came after Gruden punted on 4th+1 from 38 = AZ 21-20, 5:02 ... Cardinals defense forces three+out (3:36) ... Carr mentally damaged quarterback after two years ago on this date was an MVP candidate - stunning difference ... 3+9, AZ 41 with 3:19 left - Cardinals don't trust Rosen - screen to Johnson dropped (wasn't going anywhere anyway) = 3 and out and punt (3:19) ... Lee 59 yard punt, Sherfield downs it at goal line and bats it back to two (3:19) ... Cardinals force three+out on three Carr passes that had zero chance - Bynes near pick on third down (2:41) ... Cardinals ball at Oak 44, 2:37 remaining - Cardinals end up with 3rd+26 at own 40 after Gresham deal ball personal foul and Seals-Jones on Johnson 57-yard td run that likely would not have been td without hold - clock stops after two offensive penalties (2:00) ... TO REPEAT, AWFUL FOOTBALL WITH TWO AWFUL TEAMS ... Lee 59 yard punt when you don't want it - into end zone ... Cardinals, inexplicably, allow Raiders to drive for game winning field goal - 32 yard pass pass behind Benwikere and 20 yard screen pass to Roberts = Raiders field goal gun.
        THE BOTTOM LINE: Hello #1 draft pick for the Cardinals and say goodbye to Steve Keim and Steve Wilks who should have nothing to do with the future of this organization after 2018. 
        LAS VEGAS SUPER BOOK: Cardinals 5½ Raiders (41½)
        PREDICTION: Cardinals 17, Raiders 13


OREGON 31, ASU 29 
        PREGAME: ASU without three injured safeties who didn't make trip - Jalen Harvey, DeMonte King and Langston Fredrick ... Also, starting linebacker Merlin Robertson is suspended for first half after targeting penalty last week ... Also, defensive lineman Jordan Hoyt reportedly injured shoulder in pre-game and, reportedly, will not play.
        FIRST QUARTER: ASU should have had three+out to begin game but Lucas missed tackle on sure sack > instead, 75 yard td drive, 74 yards rushing = ORE 7-0, 11:24 ... Harry two catches for first downs but Benjamin lost eight on 3+4 run from 13 (strange call) > Ruiz 38 yard field goal = ORE 7-3, 6:06 ... Lucas' disappointing season almost got worse - Hebert misfired on sure td to Mitchell who ran past Lucas (5:14) ... ASU second drive stalls after false start on Robertson - Sleep Dalton short to 20 - not wanted ASU wanted (2:00)
        SECOND QUARTER: Oregon easy 80-yard td drive - zero resistance with awful tackling angles = ORE 14-3, 14:10 ... ASU needs a touchdown on this drive to keep contact because defense should have allowed 21 points already > Tucker holding first play = three + out (12:47) ... ASU defense needs a stop of this could get ugly fast > ASU fortunate when recovering Oregon fumble on QB-RB exchange at midfield > Manny to Harry +37 but drive stalls and field - ASU scored next when it had to = ORE 14-6, 8:34 ... ASU running out of players - Butler injured (can't lose him with Robertson already out for rest of half)  - Kearse-Thomas sack ends drive (6:59) ... ASU avoids disaster when Wilkins loose with ball fumbled at own 10-yard line and somehow recovered (replay looked like Oregon originally had recovery) + Oregon then 15 yard penalty for celebrating after they thought they had recovered - ASU keeps ball and gains 30 yards - only in the Pac 12 (6:30) ... ASU avoided disaster twice and incredibly just eight points behind (6:00) ... ASU one of six on third down ... Butler back in for ASU (5;30) ... Herbert easy pitch and catch to Mitchell 57 yards - easily beat Williams on play ASU seemed confused and not ready for snap = ORE 21-6, 4:03 ... ASU lucky Wilkins third down pass dropped by Oregon (2:12) ... Sleep Dalton four punts and all less than 40 yards ... Oregon had 12 men on field on offense after it called time out - didn't matter as ASU allowed first down on next play (1:10) ... ASU another amazing break - Herbert awful decision into double coverage and Crosswell pick and returns to Oregon 22 with 56 seconds left > next play Manny 22 yard td pass to Darby at post for easy touchdown = ORE 21-13, :50 ... ASU amazingly only eight down with Robertson coming back to play second half (:45) ... Never mind ASU hanging in - Lucas misses another tackle = 34 yard gain on screen pass - next play slant to eight with :18 left - next play Oregon RUNS IT IN from eight with easy TD - AWFUL FINAL MINUTE = ORE 28-13, :11 ... ASU late to get on ball on kickoff = would have allowed another gift three points 
        THIRD QUARTER: ASU gets ball - must score > three+out = one of eight on third down (13:45) ... Lucas another missed tackle - no question he has delivered the most disappointing season of any ASU player in 2018 - he did get pass break up four plays later = Oregon punt and touchback (10;54) ... ASU one first down (when Harry was interfered with) but two deep shots incomplete, another false start on Robertson (his second of night) and drive stalls (9;04) ... ASU luck continues - Oegon drops ANOTHER touchdown pass (would have been 90 yards) when Crosswell beat so three+out for Oregon (7:25) ... ASU gets movement - Eno 30 yards to Oregon 26 but drive stalls after one more first down - Floyd runs on second down and pass at goal line to Aiyuk = Ruiz field goal - ASU three fields in three red zone trips = ORE 28-16, 3:30 ... ASU defense giving team chance this quarter - Williams third down break up (2:26) ... ASU awful three+out lost 11 yards and Wilkins limped off field (1:35) ... Herbert way off this quarter - ASU another three+out ... ASU OL Tucker in medical tent
        FOURTH QUARTER: Harry limps off field first play quarter - returned next play - ASU lost 25 yards on this drive back to five - ASU lost 26 yards last two drives ... Incredibly, Oregon continues to give ASU chances, Oregon fumbles punt and Ralston recovers at Oregon 48 - ASU must score TD this drive > Tucker already out and replacement Hemsley injured - 4+3, 23, Aiyuk breaks tackle on WR screen and scores = = ORE 28-23, 11:01 ... ASU 17 points on three Oregon turnovers ... ASU loses field position on 59 yard kickoff return to ASU 38 > Oregon two runs for first downs but each RB injured > ASU needs to hold Oregon to a field goal here > ASU defense held Ducks to field goal, a nice job after kickoff return = ORE 31-23, 9:06 ... ASU continues to get every bounce - Aiyuk fumbles kickoff but ASU recovers at own 25 >3+3, 32 Manny jump ball to Harry for 28 yards > Oregon's best defender NT Scott injured >4+3, 18 - direct snap to Eno for 15 > Wilkins sneak for td = ASU goes for two after free time out after review of Manny td > Manny throws ball too deep in end zone for open Darby to catch ball in end zone = ORE 31-29, 4:35 ... Oregon offense has been bad this half - only points this half field goal after long kickoff return > third down play intercepted by Phillips off Crosswell deflection ... ASU ball at ASU 46 with 3:47 left - 3rd down Wilkins stripped sack and loses fumble (ASU fifth fumble and first lost fumble) ... ASU needs three+out with just one time out remaining > 3rd+2 - Wren foolishly jumps offside = first down and game over 
        THE BOTTOM LINE: ASU is eliminated from the Pac 12 South and Utah clinches its first ever Pac 12 South crown.
        LAS VEGAS SUPER BOOK: Oregon 3½ UA (64)
        PREDICTION: ASU 31, Oregon 27
        *WASHINGTON STATE 69, ARIZONA 28: The Cougars weren't kidding about wanting to avenge last year's 58-37 loss in Tucson and built a 55-14 lead at halftime before coasting during the second half ... STATISTICALLY SPEAKING - Wazzou finished with 31 first downs and 605 yards with zero turnovers ... THE BOTTOM LINE - Kevin Sumlin needs to make a change and fire defensive coordinator Marcel Yates after next week's regular-season finale versus ASU ... LAS VEGAS SUPER BOOK – WSU 10½ UA (61) … PREDICTION – Washington State 41, Arizona 20


        *AT 10:15, THE LOCAL ROUNDUP: Meet The Press with Herm Edwards and Kevin Sumlin talking about their first Territorial Cup matchup
        *AT 10:30, MORE LOCAL ROUNDUP: A Cardinals-Chargers preview with Ryan Kartje of the Orange County Register
        *AT 11:15, AN ASU-UA PREVIEW: with Doug Haller of the Athletic and Anthony Gimino of All Sports Tucson 
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