Bob Kemp’s Bottom Line


        *PADRES 4, DBACKS 2: The Diamondbacks lacked life for a second consecutive day, but do not be concerned (yet) ... THE BOTTOM LINE - Patrick Corbin didn't have much, allowed four runs and four hits, including two home runs, and three walks with just two strikeouts in five innings.
        *ARIANS FAILS TO MAKE A COMMITMENT: The Cardinals, through two games, have 128 yards in 44 carries which computes to 2.9 yards per carry > IN TUESDAY'S SPORTS ZONE - Which Cardinals RB should get the most touches – Andre Ellington, Chris Johnson or Kerwynn Williams?   
        *ASU'S CRUMP DOUBTFUL FOR OREGON: Koron Crump, who suffered a leg injury during the first quarter at Texas Tech, is not expected to play in Saturday's Pac 12 Conference opener against Oregon, according to Todd Graham ... THE BOTTOM LINE - Thru three games, it appears Crump is ASU's only legitimate pass rusher.
        *LIONS 24, GIANTS 10: The Lions did not need any Matthew Stafford fourth-quarter heroics in a game they were superior from the start ... THE BOTTOM LINE - The Giants had never lost their first two games by 14 or more points and its now eight straight games not exceeding 20 points.
        *AROUND THE NFL - TEAM VERSION: Saints are zero+two for a fourth consecutive season ... Most the Buccaneers key players did play in 31 days before easily defeating the Bears ... The Chargers, which lost a league most four games by three points last season, have their each of their first two games by three points ... The Rams allowed 239 yards rushing to the pass-first Redskins - by comparison, no Jeff Fisher/Rams team ever allowed more than 225 yards rushing.
        *AROUND THE NFL - INDIVIDUAL VERSION: Tom Brady threw for three touchdown for the 52nd time in his career to break Peyton Manning's previous nfl record ... Falcons head coach Dan Quinn moved to 5-0 against Aaron Rodgers (3-0 as the Falcons head coach and 2-0 as the Seahawks offensive coordinator) - On the other side, Rodgers is now 1-5 when attempting 48 or more passes  ... The Chiefs Kareem Hunt is the third player in league history with touchdown runs of 50+ yards in each of his first two games ... Blake Bortles turned the ball over three consecutive possessions on Sunday - lost fumble, interception, interception). 
        *THE LATEST LINE: Diamondbacks -130 Rockies (8 1/2) … Giants -2 ½ Lions (42½)
        *PREDICTIONS: Diamondbacks 5, Padres 2 ... Giants 19, Lions 17
        *LOOKING AHEAD: Cardinals +3 Cowboys (47) … ASU +14 1/2 Oregon (76) … UA +3 1/2 Utah (62)


        *FIRST QUARTER: The Cardinals will be without five offensive starters from Week One - David Johnson,John Brown, D.J. Humphries, Mike Iupati and Jermaine Gresham ... Also inactive today are Blaine Gabbert, Deone Bucannon and D.J. Foster ... Cards bad looking 3+out - W)illiams short run, Palmer no chance sack when Veldheer beaten badly = 3+15 - Palmer throws behind covered Jaron Brown (who had no targets last week) ... Bethel injured first play - quickly returned ... Golden two QH on first three Indy passes ... Mathieu like last week - beaten for first down by Aiken ... 3+1, 16 - Gore easy first down, Cardinals blown off ball ... Peterson PD third down incompletion but Gunter unsportsmanlike on field goal = 1st down Colts at five > two plays Gore walk in touchdown from five = INDY 7-0, 7:08 ... Colts 0 for 10 third down last week at Rams - three of four first drive vs. Cardinals ... Williams awful kick return to 18 ... Cardinals second straight three+out - two bad runs and Palmer lucky third down pass not picked - OFFENSIVE LINE AWFUL thru six plays ... Cardinals allowed short pass on third and 13 to get Colts back into field goal range = INDY 10-0, 1:27 - Cardinals zero first downs and down 10-0 (each team two possessions) - Colts zero third down conversions last week, four this week and Colts 9 points last week, already 10 this week ... Palmer two perfect throws - 46 yards down field to Momah and 16 yards to Niklas in middle of field to 8 to end quarter
        *SECOND QUARTER: Cardinals look awful - Ellington misses Palmer audible = Palmer sack and third and goal from 16 > Nelson did not run route into end on completion so FOURTH DOWN AT ONE - Arians goes for it and Palmer bad throw to Fitzgerald = ZERO POINTS ... Cards defense lucky 3+out that Hilton took a dive and didn't get first down when he should have ... Kerwyn Williams fair catch on punt - had plenty of room to run ... Palmer good throw to Jaron Brown but knocked away - Niklas holding penalty on long Chris Johnson run = 2nd+17 > +15 to Chad Williams but second time out before 3rd+2 > Palmer to Fitz first down +7 ... Nelson great catch on bad throw FD ... Momah dropped pass inside five that could have been td = 3+9, 18 > Palmer throw to Brown +13 ... Boehm false start = back to 10 - Palmer to Nelson overruled when Nelson secpnd foot out = 3rd+9 > no pass protection against three-man rush and play incomplete and no chance to succeed ... 10-3, 5:56 - ARIANS SHOULD BE BLAMED FOR THIS - IT'S HIS OFFENSE ... Baker forced fumble on kickoff - Colts recover ... Mauro sack on 1st play = 2+18 from 12 > Nkemdeche offside, something we saw nearly every day in camp > 3+11, 19 > Peterson coverage vs. Aikman after no rush = punt ... 4:05, AZ ball own 25 > Palmer four first down passes when inexplicable throw and easy pick at five on first down play from 25 yard line ... Cardinals failure to contain Brisett in pocket - FD Indy but Jones draws holding penalty = 1+20, Indy 47 - Branch pass deflection, Jones coverage sack
        *THIRD QUARTER: First play - Mathieu missed tackle on tight end completion = another 10 yards - Mathieu NOT playing well - then, two plays later he missed a chance at pick - one first down and punt ... 3+out - Palmer should have been picked but incomplete ...  Chris Johnson started second half ... Baker good special teams day - tackle on punt ... Dansby might be done - has done close to nothing in camp, pre-season and first two regular season games ... Cardinals defense - where's aggressiveness and too much zone first two weeks ... Arians blows second half challenge on first down spot - shows how concerned about his offense ... Bethel excellent play, deflected pass on third down ... OL gave Palmer no chance this drive - corner blitz when Johnson picked up wrong blitzer and Shipley+Boehm blown up on third down ... why are Cardinals playing so much zone first two weeks - easy pitch and catch to Hilton fd
        *FOURTH QUARTER: season might be the line this quarter ... Cardinals defense awful this drive - Brisett 7 of 7 on drive to seven yard line > field goal = INDY 13-3, 11:42 ... Cardinals hold on kick return = possession back to 15 > sack when Boehm allows man free and loss on sack = 3rd+20, 18 > Brown first down catch in traffic and rush passer = plus 35 yards > Palmer next play great throw deep and Nelson great catch = 13-10, 7:38 ... Cardinals defense needs to make a play against rookie QB ... Baker great tack le on third down = three+out ... After another dumb Colts penalty (interference on fair catch), AZ ball at own 38, 5:34 > Palmer 31 to Nelson to 28 but drive stalled after two runs and incomplete pass (Brown inj) = 13-13, 3:25 ... Dawson touch timely rare touchback ... Cards allowed one first down (Peterson beaten by Hilton) - but drive ends when Bettcher finally dials up blitz and Bethea QH becomes incomplete pass ... AZ ball, 2:00, AZ 15 > Palmer +29 to Golden, but then three straight no-chance incomplete passes ... Cardinals defense 3+out - Jones strip sack on second down but Colts recovered ... Williams good job fielding bad punt = Cardinals at AZ 49 > Brown catch and run for 20 yards to Indy 31 and out of bounds > Colts too many man in huddle after time out  - Dawson to win game from 42 on final play > missed = overtime
        *OVERTIME: Colts win toss ... first play - Mathieu easy pick on terrible Brisett decision to 21 yard line ... Dawson 27 yard field goal = 16-13 ... Cardinals lucky to win
        *THE LATEST LINE:  Cardinals 7  Colts (44)
        *PREDICTIONS: Cardinals 27, Colts 13


        *FIRST QUARTER: started one hour late after weather delay - kick of 6:05 ... ASU would have gone three + ou14:02t if not for rougher passer penalty - drive ended when Ruiz very wide left on 41 yard field goal attempt ... ASU forces three + out ... SSU offensive line changes as expected, Robertson left tackle, Cabral left tackle to center, McCollum center to bench ... ASU two first downs before drive halts on odd play call (WR screen on 3rd and six to Harry for minus one) after an ASU time out > Ruiz 44 field goal = ASU 3-0, 7:40 ... Crump leg injury on legal crack back block - looks bad with one trainer consoling him before he was assisted off field - ASU has almost no depth on defensive line ... ASU missed tackles throughout easy Texas Tech length of field td drive = TT 7-3, 4:25 ... ASU 3+out, new OL bad series but Wilkins also bad throw on third down that should have been first down ... ASU pathetic tackling on three consecutive plays = EZ Tech touchdown drive = TT 14-3, 1:48 ...  new center Cabral awful snap and TT recovers at ASU 22 > 3+20 @ 32 and Bryant beat end zone for td (coverage wasn't bad - perfect throw) = TT 21-3, :11 ... ASU ends quarter on another bad snap, this one by previous starter center McCollum, Wilkins recovered this one but a 10-yard loss ... yards 178-69
        *SECOND QUARTER: ASU drive almost all on a FOUR Texas Tech penalties that resulted in first downs > Williams 3 td catch = 10-21, 11:42 ... ASU awful defense but, incredibly, recover fumble in end zone when Tech RB lost ball (not forced by an ASU player - Tech doing everything to keep ASU in game = this could easily be 28-3 instead of 21-10 and ASU ball ... ASU good drive with Wilkins (4-4 on drive) big passes to Williams and Harvey (2) - Richard short td run = 17-21 5:34 ... ASI defense pathetic again - first play WIlliams beat with no safety help for 48 yards and three plays later another missed tackle (Adams)  = touchdown TT 28-17, 3:31 ... ASU 3rd+11 > throw pass almost parallel to line which gains two yards against zone defense - play had zero chance ... ASU punt blocked UP THE MIDDLE inexcusably unblocked - Texas Tech rushed only three and blocked punt = ball at 27 yard line ... ASU safety Tautalatasi has no chance to make an open field tackle ... Bryant decent coverage again but beaten for another td = TT 35-17. :30 ... Tech 7 possessions, punt first possession then five touchdowns and unforced fumble at goal line on last six
        *THIRD QUARTER: Bryant benched - Lucas in > immediately Tech goes after him for two first downs ...  4+1, 26 > ASU gets stop - Rhodes excellent play ... Wilkins can throw deep - Williams +54 to 19 yard line ... Ballage td = 24-35, 11;47 ... ASU has players on the field that QUITE FRANKLY are not capable of playing at the Power of Five level - Tautalatasi no chance on easy double move td - ASU sixth td pass allowed = 24-42, 9:25 ... Wilkins great drive - he is playing well , Darby td = 31-42, 6:31 ... Sam has returned from leg injury in first half ... ASU actually forces a field goal =- 31-45, 3:06 ... Wilkins tremendous game - all him on this drive, including 12 yard td to Williams when Wilkins avoided sack = 38-45, :37
        *FOURTH QUARTER: ASU four possessions this half - 4th down stop, td, punt, punt ... ASU 4+3, TT 44, 11:27, after time out > Wilkins to Harry +19 fd ...  Wilkins great game continues > td to Harry, 9:52, 45-45 ... ASU another stop with three+out = five stops on five TT possessions this half ... ASU 3+6, ASU after using second time out > Wilkins bootleg seemed to be broken play after the time out = inc + punt ... good ASU punt to 10 ... ASU last time out at 1:59 - remember used first two time outs on offense this half ... ASU allows 90 yard td drive = 45-52, 1:55 ... RAINING AS GETS BALL AT ;25 ... ASU total meltdown on final drive - one first down, incomplete, incomplete, false start (Robertson), sack (total OL breakdown), incomplete pass = ASU 1-2 - needed to start 3-0 to have a chance at decent season
        *LOUISVILLE WAS EXPOSED AGAIN: It was absurd that Lamar Jackson won the Heisman Trophy last season, but it was mose absurd that Clemson was favored by just a field goal ... Louisville was overmatched late last season against Houston and LSU and this season's Clemson team is far better.
        *HAIL FLORIDA: Seconds after the Florida fans were booing their team, Feleipe Franks on the final play of a tie game threw the ball 65 yards into the end zone to Tyrie Cleveland who somehow got behind TWO Tennessee defenders ... THE BOTTOM LINE - Most of the game this was unwatchable football and confirms the SEC East remains below average.
        *BYU HAS NEVER BEEN THIS BAD: The Cougars are 1-3 and have scored 39 points which could lead to former BYU Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer to be relieved of his offensive coordinator job ... THE BOTTOM LINE - The Cougars have a bye this week. so what better time to start over?
         *JOSH ROSEN CONTINUES TO SEPARATE HIMSELF AS THE NATION'S BEST THROWING QUARTERBACK: Rosen makes all the throws, and most with pinpoint accuracy, but UCLA's shaky offensive line and stunning lack of playmakers, reduce his chance for consistent success ... THE BOTTOM LINE - Rosen's biggest obstacle this season is remaining healthy, something he couldn't do a year ago after being injured at ASU.
        *HOT SEAT STUFF: Todd Graham vs. Kliff Kingsbury is the Coaches Hot Seat Game of the Week, according to ESPN ... Nebraska signed Mike Riley to a contract extension this week, and days later, Big Red fell behind 14-0 at home against Northern Illinois after two pick six throws from heralded transfer quarterback Tanner Lee and eventually lost 21-17 in Lincoln to Northern Illinois, which was without its starting quarterback because of injury ... Kevin Sumlin and his team were booed off its home field after trailing UL-Lafayette 21-14 at halftime, but Texas A&M won the second half 28-0.
        *RANDOM STUFF: South Carolina all-purpose player Deebo Samuel, one of the most exciting players in the nation, suffered a broken leg and is out for the season ... UCLA heralded freshman Jaelen Phillips sustained what appeared to be a significant lower leg injury ... Oklahoma State has the nation's best offense ... Michigan continues to be limited by average at best quarterback and offensive line play, constants during the three-season Jim Harbaugh era ... Overrated QB Max Browne was benched last year at USC and has been benched the last two weeks at Pittsburgh.
        *THE LATEST LINE:  Cardinals 7  Colts (44) … ASU +7 1/2 Texas Tech (76 1/2)
        *PREDICTIONS: Cardinals 27, Colts 13 ... Texas Tech 44, ASU 38


UA 63, UTEP 16 - FINAL
        *FIRST QUARTER: Nick Wilson returns from ankle injury ... UA first drive when couldn't pass pro,tect vs. three-man rush ... UA defense safe first two drives against UTEP offense without starting quarterback and top receiver because of injuries ... UA odd play calling - mainly runs and short passes to two, then roll out incomplete pass  (after Dawkins was five of five), Taylor stopped on third down = end of quarter with fourth down coming
        *SECOND QUARTER: 4+2, 2 > great call with play-action fake, Dawkins shaky throw on easy pitch+catch but good catch Wilson = UA 7-0, 14:55 ... UTEP appears to have zero playmakers ... UA 90-yard drive, mostly run and one personal foul cheap shot on Dawkins that should have been targeting but not called by C-USA crew) - Dawkins good throw for 37 yard td to Brown - UA 14-0, 8:45 ... Dawkins 9 of 10, 80 yards ... 1st defensive play - true frosh Schooler forced fumble - Flannigan-Fowles recovers at UTEP 27 ... UTEP defense little resistance - Dawkins east td run= UA 21-0, 7:24 ... true frosh Fields is the real deal - UA does have some impressive freshman defenders ... Brown sensational 63 yard punt return - his second return td this season = 28-0, 5:34 ... UA defense gets beat for 40+ pass on blitz (Whittaker beat) and another pass for td (Morrison beat = 28-6, 2:50 ... Rich Rod doesn't trust Dawkins - three runs and a punt > trying to get to the locker room without any further damage, but UTEP ball back with 2:31 fer Glatting bad punt to UA 43 ... Schooler read screen and easy pick of screen and return to UTEP three ... Dawkins great run on broken pass play and touchdown with stiff arm at end > 35-6, :36 ...  UTEP 53 yard field goal at gun 
        *THIRD QUARTER: Dawkins, 12 of 13 in first half, was fortunate first pass second half was not picked - instead, drive continued and Dawkins 13 yard td run untouched = 42-9, 12:10 ... true frosh TE Volma impressive last two weeks ... UA beaten on trick play double pass inside 10-yard line - next play, UA no contain on bootleg td run by qb untouched = 42-16, 9:34 ... Dawkins ZERO pocket on senseless intentional grounding ... Wilson looks healthy - still in game ... 4th+1, 1 > Dawkins td pass to Wolma, 49-16, 3:54 
        *FOURTH QUARTER: Dawkins still in game seems strange - had throwing hand and wrist injuries last week ... Tilford three yard td run on 4th and goal > 56-16, 10:54 ... Rhett Rodriguez in for Dawkins, not Tate who must be unavailable ... Donovan Tate gets his first action as a college player ... Tilford another td = 63-16, 2:10 
        *THE LATEST LINE:  Cardinals 7  Colts (44) … ASU +7 1/2 Texas Tech (76 1/2) … UA 25 UTEP (58)
        *PREDICTIONS: Cardinals 27, Colts 13 ... Texas Tech 44, ASU 38 ... UA 48, UTEP 20
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        *AT 11:30, OUR WEEKLY PAC 12 NETWORKS UPDATE: with football analyst Anthony Herron 
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