Dorf On Sports

Dorf On Sports brings you sports talk on NBC Sports Radio AM 1060 Monday through Friday 9-11 a.m.

Dorf On Sports brings you sports talk on NBC Sports Radio AM 1060 Monday through  Friday 9-11 a.m.

About the Show:

Dorf on Sports is hosted by Andy Dorf and Jeff Rich, and features an eclectic range of guests, topics, and enjoyment for the listener as we go around the world of sports.  Andy, aka The Dorf Man, brings more than twenty years in broadcasting–both television and radio–to the table.  Dorf, a native son of Milwaukee, has done shows locally in Phoenix and his show has also been nationally syndicated.  Jeff Rich comes from a writing background, where he’s published sports-themed websites ranging from coverage of Cleveland to College Football and other topics of national interest.  He joined the Dorf on Sports team in 2013, and has served as Andy’s regular co-host for the last four years.

The format includes a discussion of sports headlines, the local Arizona teams, and a national perspective on sports.  We welcome the voice of the fan, keeping our phone lines open to help drive the discussion. Give us a call at 602-260-1060 or tweet at the show @DorfOnline. For more on Dorf on Sports, make sure you check out the show’s website.  Every Monday through Friday 9-11 a.m., catch different segments and special interaction with Facebook Live.

Andy Dorf (@Dorfonsports): Andy Dorf was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he became an avid fan of sports in his youth. His fan loyalty belonged to the hometown Bucks and Brewers, and of course, the Green Bay football Packers.

Andy Dorf (right) and Jeff Rich (left) with Dorf on Sports.

Andy Dorf (right) and Jeff Rich (left) with Dorf on Sports.

Dorf got his start in sports, working in Brew City for WVTV Channel 24, producing the pre-game and post-game shows for the Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers. Dorf attended the University of Minnesota, and later Arizona State in Tempe, Arizona. He has worked on both the AM and FM sides of the dial, at KESZ (99.9 FM), KDKB (93.3 FM), and KNIX (102.5 FM) in Phoenix. On the AM side, Dorf previously hosted a morning drive-time sports talk show on KDUS (1060 AM—Sporting News Radio), and a few programs on KMVP (860 AM—ESPN Radio Phoenix), including Dorf on Sports and Sports Junkies. Dorf eventually took his show to XTRA Sports 910, Phoenix’s FOX Sports affiliate, where he hosted a Morning show. Off the air, Dorf puts his money where his mouth is—on the tennis court, from the tips at TPC, or climbing to the peaks of many a mountain in the Southwest—Dorf lives sports. He is sports, teaching tennis to youngsters in what little spare time he has; he’s always on the lookout for one thing. That one thing is greatness. Be great, and you will have his attention.

Jeff Rich (@byJeffRich): Jeff Rich was born in Cleveland, Ohio, a place where the agony of defeat rears its ugly head much more often than the thrill of victory. Despite the less-than-spectacular circumstances that surround being a fan in Northeast Ohio, sports have been a large part of Jeff’s life, as an athlete and later in life as a commentator on the games. He credits his father, a lifelong youth football coach, for helping to understand and appreciate the intricacies of the game. Rich got his start in sports media at a young age, working as a High School Football Correspondent for WELW radio in Willoughby, Ohio. Jeff tabled his goal of working in sports media to serve in the United States Marine Corps. After traveling the world to serve our country, Jeff made Arizona his permanent home in 2001, just in time to see the Arizona Diamondbacks take down the New York Yankees dynasty and bring Phoenix its only major sports championship to date. Over the last 15 years, Jeff has developed a soft spot for the Valley teams, though they weren’t his first love. Going forward, Rich is excited to see the Phoenix market grow into a legitimate player on the national scene.