Phoenix Suns 2014-2015 Schedule

Phoenix Suns logo By: Kayla Mortellaro The NBA released the 2014-2015 schedule and the Phoenix Suns are getting some national exposure with several games aired on ESPN, TNT and NBATV. The Suns open with two games at home against the Lakers and defending champion, Spurs. The Suns will also play host to LeBron James and the Cavaliers. Here is a highlight of some notable home match-ups for the Suns: Wed. Oct. 29, 2014: Lakers vs. Suns           7pm Fri. Oct. 31, 2014: Spurs vs. Suns                 7pm Sun. Nov. 9, 2014: Warriors vs. Suns          6pm Tues. Dec. 2, 2014: Pacers vs. Suns              7pm Tues. Dec. 9, 2014: Heat vs. Suns                 7pm Tues. Dec. 23, 2014: Mavs vs. Suns              7pm Tues. Jan. 13, 2015: Cavaliers vs. Suns         7pm Mon. Jan. 19, 2015: Lakers vs. Suns             8:30pm     TV:TNT Sun. Jan. 25, 2015: Clippers vs. Suns           4pm Fri. Jan. 30, 2015: Bulls vs. Suns                  8:30pm      TV: ESPN Thurs. Feb. 26, 2015: Thunder vs. Suns      8:30pm      TV: TNT Sat. Feb. 28, 2015: Spurs vs. Suns                7pm            TV: NBATV Mon. March 9, 2015: Warriors vs. Suns        7pm Sun. March 22, 2015: Mavs vs. Suns             6pm Sun. March 29, 2015 Thunder vs. Suns        6pm          TV: NBATV Tues. April 14, 2015 Clippers vs. Suns          7:30pm    TV: TNT For the complete 2014-2015 Suns schedule, go to